Gas field:

1.Cooling and freezing food
2.Melting and heating
3. Denitrification
4. Dry ice blast cleaning
5. Cutting and welding
6. Planting and breeding
7. Petrochemical processing and refining
8. Blowing, nitrogen seal, bubbling
9. Molding, foaming and extrusion molding
10. Food processing
11. Heat treatment
12. Paper and pulp
13. Analysis and instrumentation

Storage field:

1.Tanks: For O2, CO2, N2, Ar, LNG, etc.
2.Cylinders: For Vehicle/For respiration/For industry

Design and construction field:

1.Medical center oxygen supply system
2.Medical compression space system
3.Medical Center attraction system
4.Industrial gas pipeline engineering system
5.The establishment of gas station