Gas supply scheme of adiabatic gas cylinder (Dewar tanks)


Liming gas group can provide the gas supply scheme of adiabatic gas cylinder to clients. After gas liquefaction that is easy to liquefy, storage in the adiabatic gas cylinder, and supply the gas by means of vaporizer for gasification of cryogenic liquids. Insulation cylinders have small requirements for the site, f or small and medium sized customers, this scheme is simple and flexible, with a small area, large gas storage and low cost. The supply gas scheme of insulation cylinder, can meet the various requirement of pressure and gas purity. Insulated cylinders, under the circumstances of cryogenic liquid buses, can be used with multiple combinations, through the pipeline to release the centralized gas supply in the workshop. We have a mature technology team, can design various gas supply scheme with insulation cylinders. Optimize the gas supply process and reduce your gas production cost.