Liming Gas Group compose a new chapter in the international market

On October 23, 2018, with the strong support of Liming Gas Group Chairman Jiang Hui, and with the leadership of Group CEO Wang Chengjia, Liming Gas Group firstly participated in the Interpolitex 2018 organized by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs which held in All Russian Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases-2018, which is a very professional exhibition in the world gas industry.
On October 21, 2018, with the roar of the airplane, the Liming Gas Group opened a new chapter in the history of the group. This exhibition not only demonstrates the strength of the group, but also promotes the enterprise concept of Liming Gas Group and transmits our information to the world. Make other countries in the world know about our Group. At the same time, it also marks that Liming Gas Group has gone abroad to the world and occupied a place in the world gas industry.


The exhibition also has far-reaching significance and influence on the international strategy of Liming gas Group. The purpose of this exhibition is divided into three major items:

1. Develop the business market and the secondary market and communicate with the company and group in gas and relevant area all over the world, enhance the relationship with old customers and develop potential customers. 

2. Master the market station of foreign country and customer core needs and other information.

3. Collect more industry-related information, master competitors' situation, build a solid foundation for the Group's international development strategy and international marketing model and make corresponding adjustments.

The process of group internationalization has a long way to go. We thank Chairman Jiang Hui, CEO Wang Chengjia and senior executives for their support to foreign trade department. Although the internationalization journey is arduous, as a foreign trader in Liming Gas Group, we will always be confident, unremitting efforts, paying attention to the methods, and follow the overall strategic direction of the Group. Always firmly believe that the future of Liming Gas Group will be more brilliant and prosperous, under the leadership of Chairman Jiang Hui, CEO Wang Chengjia and the unity of all the staff of Liming Gas Group