Liming gas group was established in 1993 and located in Harbin, a famous private enterprise in China specialized in gas production, storage and transportation, providing customers with one stop service with products like different types of atmospheric gases, process gases, special gas, medical gas and different kinds of storage tanks and cylinder for them, related service technology like liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon, etc. Liming can also provide/carry on the cryogenic test.......[more]

Gas field

The gas field include food processing field, medical field, petrochemical field,  package field, planting and breeding and other industrial fields.

Gas storage field

The products used in gas storage field are storage tanks and cylinders, with these, we can store O2, CO2, N2, Ar, LNG ,etc. in different capacities. 

Design and construction field

This field include the design and construction gas station, gas engineering installation, medical system and Industrial gas pipeline engineering system ,etc.[more]